Easy Brewin

Even monkeys can brew with this system that my friend Mike has. I arrived at Mikes on Saturday Morning.  Mike had just started getting things ready for the brew. We are brewing a St Austell Proper Job an (American IPA) in this cool compact piece of home brewing equipment named the “Braumeister”.

This is the Braumeister

This is the Braumeister

With me not knowing enough to brew on the kitchen stove, this sweet piece of equipment, anyone can brew beer and cider . We just followed the simple instructions that came with the unit and we were off to the brewing races.  The water came up to temperature quickly,(please note we are at sea level). We placed the grain pipe into the kettle then added the grain. Next we installed the top strainer and pressure pipe that holds the grain pipe down so the unit can run through the circulation mode.  

Me adding the grain!

Me adding the grain!



The timer alerted us to lift up the mash pipe. We lifted it out of the wort and let it drain at the same time we sparged  the grain with the water we had on the stove holding at 75.6 c.

The sparge!

The sparge!

We got the sparge done and waited for the hot break. After that we added the hops in the stages that the recipe called for when the timer alerted us. Then finally the last timer sounded after about 3 hours the Proper Job was done brewing. We placed the cooling worm into the wort and turned on the kitchen facet and cooled it below the 40c to stop any bacteria growth. Then we added the wort to the fermenter that I made. Now we have to wait until the beer is done fermenting. The primary Fermentation is four days and the secondary Fermentation is ten days. When the beer is done I will post on how it turns out.

The Fermentor!

The Fermenter!

If anyone is interested in the recipe you can email me at stillbrewin1@gmail.com and I will forward it to you!

Cheers Eh!


My Home Brewing and Stilling adventures!

When I began stilling I was a young boy. I would watch my great Grandfather, a Ukrainian immigrant, make his vodka in his garage out of sight of prying eyes. He was this quiet towering man with a very thick Ukrainian accent, and he had a love for Ukrainian folk music. He would always tell me”vodka makes you strong Johnny”. I am not sure if that was true or not, but I do know that he made a real strong vodka.

Over the years I have made some beer,wine and moonshine with some success and some failures, but probably more failures. Due to the poor quality of the equipment that I was using and the lack of proper ingredients. Recently I have been brewing with a guy that has his own home brewing business. From my past mistakes I have learned that using proper equipment  and great ingredients can make good beer,wine and liquor. Recently my wife and I traveled to Siem Reap,Cambodia.


I came across this local guy(through the driver we hired) that makes rice liquor in a way it used to be made by moonshiners back during  prohibition in North America. We were able to talk to him and he showed us how he makes his rice liquor.


The only difference is that the fire is fueled by the husks from the rice that is produced by the local farmers and he uses rice instead of grain in the mash.

He makes the following flavoured liquors from rice: banana, pineapple, coffee, black sticky rice, one from a local mushroom (sucrum) and honey to name a few. All his liquors have a unique and amazing flavors.


His staff also make delicious homemade coconut and mango cookies. The boxes the liquor is sold in are hand-made of bamboo and wicker. This is a great example of how they support local business in using locally made products.


This is my first blog! So stay tuned for the next stillbrewin adventure, I will post about local pubs and micro distilleries.

Cheer EH!